Central Coast Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship

A welcoming and liberal spiritual  community in Lincoln County, Oregon since 1984 .  Visitors Always Welcome.

  Our Fellowship weekly Sunday meetings are at the Visual Arts Center on Sundays, at 10:15 am. Sundays 10:15 a.m.–12:00 noon, Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor, Nye Beach Turnaround, 777 Northwest Beach Drive, Newport, Oregon. 


Spring 2015 Schedule of  CCUUF Programs & Activities

Sunday, February 1, 10:15 am. Sea Star Wasting on the U.S. Pacific Coast. Presentation by Steven Rumrill;

Sunday, February 8, 10:15 am. The Galapagos.  Presentation by CCUUF member Anne Sigleo

Sunday, February 8, 10:15 am. Monthly book exchange.

Sunday, February 15, 10:15 am. The History of the Devil, by CCUUF member Richard Crosby

Sunday, February 22, 10:15 am. CCUUF Fellowship Member Soapbox. Short presentations on the topic of the speakers’ choice.

Sunday, March 1, 10:15 am.  TBA

Thursday, March 5, 1:00 pm. UU Book selection for March discussion is “Waking Up: a guide to spirituality without religion”, by Sam Harris.  Two copies are available through the local library.

Sunday, March 8, 10:15 am. Comparative Religions Series. Islam. Presented by Sener Otrugman.

Sunday, March 8, 10:15 am. Monthly book exchange.

Sunday, March 15, 10:15 am. Comparative Religions Series.  Buddhism. Presented by Bill Wiist.

Sunday, March 22, 10:15 am. Comparative Religions Series.  Judiasm and Various Religions. Presented by Brent Burford and Mary Noble.

Sunday, March 29, 10:15 am.  Comparative Religions Series. Native American Spirituality.

Monday, March 30, 5:00 pm. Stone Soup Community Meal. CCUUF is preparing and serving the meal. At St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.

Sunday, April 5, 10:15 am. Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice. Presentation by Valerie Koehn.

Sunday, April 12, 10:15 am. TBA

Sunday, April 12, 10:15 am. Monthly book exchange.

Sunday, April 19. *We do not meet.*

Sunday, April 26, 10:15 am. TBA

Sunday, May 3, 10:15 am. Science and Spirituality. Presentation by John Aylmer.

Sunday, May 10, 10:15 am. The Prevention of War. Presentation by Bill Wiist.

Sunday, May 10, 10:15 am. Monthly book exchange. 

Sunday, May 17, 10:15 am. The Annual Meeting of members of the fellowship.

Sunday, May 24, 10:15 am. Member’s Favorite Poems. Chaired by Cindy Jacobi.

Sunday, May 31, 10:15 am.  The History of Unitarian Universalism. Presentation by Brent Burford

Thursday, June 4, 1:00 pm. UU Book Discussion. Book to be determined.

Monday, June 29, 5:00 pm. Stone Soup Community Meal. CCUUF is preparing and serving the meal. At St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church.


 Additional Activities and Notes

Oregon UU Voices for Justice.  Priority legislative issues for 2013 are (1) Health Care Reform, (2) Climate Change, and (3) Death Penalty & Criminal Sentencing Reform.  If you are interested in being in the working group for any of these issues. being on the email list for updates from any of these groups, or contributing to these causes, contact or join these Oregon UU voices on social issues at: http://www.uuvoicesoregon.org/.

CCUUF recognized by the UUA as a “Welcoming Congregation.”   On July 27, 2012, Central Coast  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship received confirmation that we have been recognized by the Unitarian  Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA)  as a Welcoming Congregation and is now reflected as such on this list of UU congregations.

Wednesdays. 6:00 pm.  Benefaction Zen (Meditation) Community.   Zen meditation is held weekly at 6:00 pm at the South Beach Community Center.  Silent sitting and walking meditation with chants, reading/talk about practice, and optional bowing practice.  Free, but donations will be accepted to cover expenses.  For further information contact Jean Fredrickson, email: jeanconnect@aol.com

Our Mailing Address,  Website, Newsletter, & Donations:  Checks may be made out to CCUUF and placed in our donation box or mailed to:  Gary Lahman, CCUUF Treasurer, P.O. Box 111, Newport, Oregon 97365.  Receipts will be issued upon request or at the end of the year.  Our website is at www.CCUUF.org.  To contribute activities or announcements to the Newsletter or to add or remove people from emailing list, please contact admin@ccuuf.org

We are a Welcoming Congregation.  All are equally welcome regardless of race, background, gender, or sexual orientation.


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