Central Coast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A welcoming and liberal spiritual  community in Lincoln County, Oregon since 1984.  Visitors Always Welcome.

From September through May, we meet weekly Sunday mornings at 10:15 am, at the Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor, Nye Beach Turnaround, 777 Northwest Beach Drive, Newport, Oregon.

A map to our location can be found here: https://ccuuf.org/map/

For more information about our congregation, contact us by email
info@ccuuf.org or by phone at (541) 224-8818.  A calendar of our upcoming events is always found on this webpage www.ccuuf.org  


November 2018

Sunday, November 4, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation: Spirituality for crossed fingersSkeptics. Or, Crossing Your Fingers During the Apostles Creed. Speaker: Brent Burford. “I don’t believe in God, but I miss him,” writes English author Julian Barnes. Many make their way from traditional religious churches to a Unitarian Universalist congregation because of a decision to reject certain theologies or aspects of our prior traditional churches. Maybe you feel it is time for religion to give up the view of God as a Santa Claus-like figure. Maybe concepts such as Original Sin or Atonement don’t resonate any more. But then what is left of a religion when those are removed? What does that religion then look like?
Even though you may have rejected key theologies of your prior church, are there still many aspects of religion that still are attractive and for which some of you yearn? What are those? Does liturgy or song still resonate or feel meaningful? Do the ethical components of your prior church still feel right even though you’ve rejected certain theological bases? We’ll wrestle with what spirituality looks like for Skeptics.
Response to the presentation by one member:  “I can’t define it, but I know what I feel…connected to the world, it’s creatures and plants, a recognition of brotherhood and sisterhood with all humanity, a tie to our rivers, and streams and our ocean out our front doors….a centeredness deep inside me that while calm, helps me see what I must do and how I still need to grow.”

Monday, November 5, 3:00 pm. CCUUF Board Meeting. For details, contact, Mary Ann at info@ccuuf.org.

Thursday, November 8, 11:45 am. Ladies Lunch. (Second Thursdays.) For info, contact Connie at admin@ccuuf.org

Sunday, November 11, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation.  Global Warming.   global warming 180705110027_1_540x360Presentation by CCUUF member Walter Frick.
Follow a meteorologist in understanding climate change science and dismissing hoax arguments. Walter Frick is a former U.S. Air Force Weather Officer and career atmospheric and aquatic modeler.CarbonDioxideCO2

     In 1970, in graduate school of meteorology at the Univ. of Texas Austin (weather officer training program), Walter was introduced to the “Elsasser diagram” as a tool for quantifying the radiation-temperature-water vapor balance in the atmosphere. In 1958 the long-term measurement program for CO2 began on Mauna Loa mountain, Hawaii. The resulting measurements (the “Keeling curve”) has since shown a pronounced increase in CO2. The presentation will discuss the principles and ramifications of atmospheric warming.

Sunday, November 11, 10:15 am. The Monthly Book Exchange. Bring a book you have finished and find it a good home with someone else in the fellowship. And maybe someone will bring one that you will want to take and read.

Friday, November 16, 9:30 am. Unitarian Universalist Breakfast. (3rd Fridays of the month.) Meets at Georgie’s Beachside Grill, in the bar. Come join us for conversation and fellowship. Location: 744 SW Elizabeth St, Newport, OR 97365. http://georgiesbeachsidegrill.com/  

Saturday, November 17, 1:00 pm. The Canterbury Forum.  The topic is: “Religious Canterbury 11-17-18 solid yellow background no presenter namedPerspectives on Immigration and Immigrants”.   The Canterbury Forum, the recently instituted public forum for discussing issues of religion and society from a progressive perspective, is now four programs old. Moving forward, we will continue our mission to inform, delight and foster mutual understanding.
     This is the third meeting of the fall season of Canterbury Forum which begins at 1 p.m. on Saturday, November 17th at the Waldport Community Center, 265 NW Hemlock St. (Hwy 34). 

Sunday, November 18, meet at 10:30 am, eat at 11:00. Thanksgiving meal. This Sunday we will have our Thanksgiving cornucopia Blog-2-1024x735yearly Thanksgiving meal.  It will be a potluck. This yearlypumpkin chalice 2c7bf647bb1008b0473e6c4088275192 fellowship meal on the Sunday before Thanksgiving is a tradition for our fellowship. It will be held at our usual meeting room on the second floor of the Visual Arts Center on the Nye Beach Turnaround in Newport. For more information, contact CCUUF president Mary Ann Beggs at info@ccuuf.org
We will meet at 10:30 and plan to eat at 11:00. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for a specific dish to bring, please bring a salad or side dish. A main dish (turkey) and drinks will be provided. Please join us to share a meal and for an opportunity for fellowship and conversation with your fellow UU friends.

Sunday, November 25, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation:  Religious, But Not Martin_Buber_portraitNecessarily. Speaker: Brent Burford. We will look at that nexus where religion, psychology, and philosophy intersect. Philosopher Martin Buber, psychologist Erich Fromm, and others write about ultimate truths of our relationships with each other and the world. On one levelErich_Fromm_1974 these sound religious–speaking of compassion, kindness, mercy–but they are written for a larger audience that transcends religion. We’ll see what we think of these efforts to make these (not quite) religious writings a call to action for a secular world.
We tend to define a skeptic, atheist, or agnostic by what they are not (i.e., a nonbeliever) or by what they do not believe in (a-theist). But what if we turn this around and describe this as a positive–what are you when you are a careful skeptic? In what ultimate truths do you believe. We will look at several writers wrestling with that question.

December 2018

Sunday, December 2, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation: Samaritan House Family samaritan house logo_smShelter and those in need in Lincoln County. Speaker is Lola Jones, Executive Director of Samaritan House. Established in 1988, Samaritan House is a nonprofit helping those in need in Lincoln County. It provides transitional shelter, case​ management, and support services to assist families in achieving self-sufficiency and stable housing. The Samaritan House shelter program currently serves homeless families with children under the age of 18. Lola Jones, Executive Director of Samaritan House​ ​Family Shelter, will explain the organization​’​s goals and needs.

Monday, December 3, 3:00 pm. CCUUF Board Meeting. For details, contact, Mary Ann at info@ccuuf.org.

Sunday, December 9, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation: A Very UU Christmas. christmas+uuSpeaker: Brent Burford. Why do some UUs celebrate Christmas? What exactly are they celebrating?  Join us in this exploration of Christmas fromSONY DSC a UU perspective.
Why Christmas? Especially to one who doubts? Is it a Christian holiday? A pagan holiday? A secular holiday? Does “Advent” have any meaning in a UU context? Where does Jesus or the birth narrative fit into your UU theology? Or does it? Christmas does fill some of us with nostalgia and encourages generosity and goodwill. Let’s have a discussion of what it does . . . and does not . . . mean to Unitarian Universalists.

Sunday, December 9, 10:15 am. The Monthly Book Exchange. Bring a book you have finished and find it a good home with someone else in the fellowship. And maybe someone will bring one that you will want to take and read.

Thursday, December 13, 11:45 am. UU Ladies Lunch. (Second Thursdays of the month.) Come join us for conversation and fellowship. For information and location, contact Connie at admin@ccuuf.org

Sunday, December 16, 10:15 am. Sunday Service. Presentation: Our Annual Yule & yulelogWinter Solstice Celebration and Cookie Exchange. We continue our fellowship’s annual Yule Log tradition with a presentation by long time CCUUF member Gary Lahman. We also will have our annual cookie exchange as part of this festive event. Bring some cookies and come join us for our midwinter celebration!

Friday, December 21, 9:30 am. UU monthly Breakfast. (3rd Fridays of the month.) Meets at Georgie’s Beachside Grill, in the bar. Come join us for conversation and fellowship. Location: 744 SW Elizabeth St, Newport, OR 97365. http://georgiesbeachsidegrill.com/ 

Sunday, December 23. **We do not meet**

Sunday, December 30, 10:15 am.  Fellowship Service. Presentation: Reflections on happy new year clock2018 and Hopes for 2019.  Join us in our last fellowship service of the calendar year. We will do some reflecting on the joys and concerns of the past year and discuss your hopes and goals for the new year.  Look forward to seeing you for this last fellowship service of 2018!

Monday, December 31.  5:30 pm Stone Soup Dinner. Our fellowship volunteers to stone soup cprepare and serve stone soup community dinner on a recurring basis. To join in the effort, contact Craig at ccuuf.programs@gmail.com. (5:30 is the time dinner is served, volunteers are needed earlier for food preparation.) The location is Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church at the corner of Hurbert and 9th Streets in Newport. Look forward to you joining us there!


 Additional Activities and Notes

Our Mailing Address, Website, Newsletter, & Donations:
–Checks may be made payable to “CCUUF” and placed in our donation box or mailed to: CCUUF Treasurer, P.O. Box 111, Newport, Oregon 97365. Receipts will be issued upon request or at the end of the year. For questions, contact info@ccuuf.org 
–To contribute activities or announcements to our email newsletter or to add or remove people from emailing list, please contact admin@ccuuf.org
–We are a Welcoming Congregation. All are equally welcome regardless of race, background, gender, or sexual orientation.
–Our website is at www.CCUUF.org. For questions or comments concerning the website, contact ccuuf.org@gmail.com

Monthly fellowship board meeting is usually on the first Monday of the month at 4:00 pm. Usually held at the Newport Public Library conference room.  Contact Mary Ann at info@ccuuf.org for location and confirmation of time.

The monthly UU ladies lunch, starting with the July 2018 lunch, is moving to the 2nd Thursday of the month in Newport at 11:45 am. For location and confirmation of time, contact Connie at admin@ccuuf.org. RSVP requested if you are going to attend.
The Newport monthly UU breakfast
is usually on the third Friday of the month in Newport at 9:30 am. For location and confirmation of time, contact ccuuf.org@gmail.com.

Oregon UU Voices for Justice.  Contact or join Oregon UU voices on social issues at: http://www.uuvoicesoregon.org/.

CCUUF recognized by the UUA as a “Welcoming Congregation.”   Since 2012 Central Coast  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has been recognized by the Unitarian  Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA)  as a Welcoming Congregation.