Central Coast Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

A welcoming and liberal spiritual community in Lincoln County, Oregon since 1984, Unitarian Universalism is a religion welcoming science and reason while honoring mystery and wonder.  Visitors Always Welcome.

Through the Covid pandemic, we meet weekly Sunday mornings at 10:15 am.  Also, summer services are reduced to one service each month.  

We are currently only meeting online.

Next Online Service: Sunday, October 17, 10:15 am.

Post-COVID, we will return to our regular venue at the Newport Visual Arts Center

For more information about our congregation, contact us by email
at ccuuf.programs@gmail.com or by phone at (541) 224-8818.  Also, see the October nUUsletter.
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Due to COVID-19 health concerns, our regular Sunday services are online.  To register for ZUUM meetings, go to https://zoom.us/meeting/register/   


October 2021 Services & Activities


This Sunday, October 17, join us for a discussion, Scientific Pantheism: Viewing the Natural World with Reverence.


Scientific Pantheism is a form of spirituality in which Nature plays a central part. Its core is a reverence for the earth and the cosmos as sources of peace, solace, joy and beauty, as well as a focus for our gratitude, love, care and vigilance.

This Sunday we will explore Scientific Pantheism as a joyous affirmative approach to life and ask what role it might play in Unitarian Universalist commitment.



LGBTQThis Sunday, October 10, join us as Celebrant CM Hall leads us in a discussion of Coming Out: The Future is Fluid.

Gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual behavior are all increasingly in flux. October 11th is National Coming Out Day and in advance of that, we will discuss the expanding and dynamic identities, descriptors, and variance for those coming out today and in the future.

Music by Rand Bishop.


brotherlyloveThis Sunday, October 3, join us as Lee Harmon leads a discussion around four controversial Bible passages to see if we can uncover the secret of brotherly love.



critical thinkingThis Sunday, September 26, the presentation will continue exploring the importance of “reason” to Unitarian Universalists by discussing “critical thinking.”

Given the profound divisions within our nation and world today, which seemingly represent opposing views of reality, we struggle with the topic of critical thinking.

What is critical thinking? How is it taught? Can it be harmful?

Please join Celebrants Virginia Gibbs and Denise Ross as they try to find the answers to these questions with the help of several authors and teachers.

Music by Rand Bishop.



The annual theme for our services in 2021-22 is “Repairing the World”.

This Sunday, September 19, we will focus on the Theme “Reason.” Reason has been a valued part of our religious tradition since the reformation. Reason, along with science, is under assault, a bizarre and tragic occurrence in the 21st century. Pseudo-science, climate denial, alternative facts, fake news, and lies suggest that reason doesn’t matter, yet it does. While reason is not infallible, it is an important guide and tool for repairing the world.

Join us as our celebrant Mary Ann Beggs leads us through this important discussion.

Music by Rand Bishop.


water ceremony

Welcome Back!!

On Sunday, September 12, CCUUF will begin a new program year. We had all hoped to be coming together in person. Unfortunately, Covid is still factoring into our decisions. In the interest of protecting the immunocompromised and young children, we are postponing our in-person plans. However, Zoom is becoming second nature. We can do this!

Please join together on Zoom for our traditional Water Ceremony. Members and visitors bring to the service a small amount of water from a place that is special to them, even if that water is from the home that has been sheltering us for the last year and a half.

If we were meeting in person, we would pour our water into a common bowl as we told a story of why the water was special. With Zoom, we will simply raise our glasses high and share the same stories. “The combined water is symbolic of our shared faith coming from many different sources…The Water Ceremony is an excellent opportunity for Unitarian Universalist congregations to express their commitment to our Sixth Principle: We covenant to affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all” (UUA.org).



 Additional Activities and Notes

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Welcoming Congregation. We are a Welcoming Congregation. All are equally welcome regardless of race, background, gender, or sexual orientation.
Website. Our website is at www.CCUUF.org. For questions or comments concerning the website, contact the website administrator at ccuuf.org@gmail.com. 
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–Monthly meeting of the fellowship’s Board of Trustees is usually on the first Monday of the month. Contact our board president at info@ccuuf.org for confirmation of location and of time.

–The monthly UU Ladies Lunch, is usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month in Newport at 11:45 am. The location varies. For location and confirmation of time, contact info@ccuuf.org. RSVP requested if you are going to attend so that a reservation can be made for the proper number.  *** We are not having Ladies Lunch events at this time. ***
–The monthly UU men’s breakfast is usually on the third Friday of the month in Newport at 9:30 am. This month it is Friday, July 23rd at the Pig ’N Pancake in Newport at 9:30am. Please RSVP to ccuuf.org@gmail.com.

Oregon UU Voices for Justice.  Our congregation is a member of Oregon UU Voices for Justice. Contact or join Oregon UU voices on social issues at: http://www.uuvoicesoregon.org/.

–CCUUF recognized by the UUA as a “Welcoming Congregation.”   Since 2012 Central Coast  Unitarian Universalist Fellowship has been recognized by the Unitarian  Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA)  as a Welcoming Congregation.