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March – April 2012 Newsletter



A   welcoming and liberal spiritual community in Lincoln County, Oregon since   1984.

Sundays  10:15 a.m.–12:00 noon

Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor, Nye Beach   Turnaround,

777   Northwest Beach Drive, Newport,   Oregon

Programs for March

Sunday, March 11, 10:15 am.   Fellowship   Presentation by  Gary Lahman and Ed Cameron.  Program includes   a Video Presentation of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, neuroanatomist at the Indiana   University School of Medicine, describes a massive stroke she experienced in   her brain’s left hemisphere in 1996 at age 37.  In the 18-minute   address, she describes her struggle to call for assistance while undergoing   an overwhelming series of emotional and mystical experiences.    Discussion will follow on her narrative and it’s psychological and   metaphysical implications.

Sunday, March 18, 10:15 am.   Fellowship   Presentation.  “Don’t   Put Your Finger in a Light Socket,  by David Konowalchak, B.Sc.   (Physics),  M.D.  Dr. Konowalchak explores our life as an   electrical entity as well as our surrounding electrical influences.

Sunday, March 25, 10:15 am.   Fellowship Presentation.   “On Being Political” a   presentation by Joann Barton, Port Commissioner.  Joann shares her   transition from social welfare activism to community politics which was a   revelation to her which she is willing to share.

Programs for April

Sunday, April 1, 10:15   am.  Fellowship Presentation.   “Pranksters”    A brief history of April Fool’s Day and a group sharing of the best   prank you have ever played or had played on you.

Sunday, April 8, 10:15 am.  Fellowship   Presentation.  “An Interview With Solvieg Leslie by Sue   Wilkins.”  We’ve caught glimpses of Solvieg as an artist, world   traveler,  from a family of immigrants in the 1920’s. Come hear this   enthralling living history as Solveig reflects on her 92 years.

Sunday, April 15, 10:15 am.   Fellowship Presentation.   “Green Grows Your   Garden”   Pam McElroy, master gardener and mycologist, shares   her growth experience and growing experiences through local gardening   programs.

Sunday, April 22, 10:15 am. Annual Meeting of Members of the   Fellowship. Our annual meeting of members will be held at the South Beach   Community Center, 3024 S.E. Ferry Slip Road, Newport.  We will also have   our Monthly Fellowship Potluck at the annual meeting.  The   Fellowship will furnish the main dish, you bring a salad, side dish, or   dessert.

Sunday,   April 29, 10:15 am.  Fellowship Presentation.      John Baker, author of ”Lost and Found: Lessons From   Life”, shares stories and thoughts in conjunction with  his latest   book.

Additional Activities and Notes

Wednesdays. 6:00 pm.  Benefaction Zen (Meditation)   Community.   Zen meditation is held weekly at 6:00 pm at the   Yurt on SE John Nye Rd.  Silent sitting and walking meditation with   chants, reading/talk about practice, and optional bowing practice.    Free, but donations will be accepted to cover expenses.  For further   information call Jean Fredrickson 541-875-4488 home, 503-899-7517 cell.

Sunday, March 11. Second Sunday Book   Exchange. Have a book you no longer need but think others might want?   Bring it to give to others in the fellowship. We have a   “book exchange” at the fellowship on the Second Sunday of each month. Any   books that you have that you wish to give away to others in the fellowship to   read, bring the second Sunday. Maximum of five books per person.

Wednesday, March 14, 6:15 pm. Bullying Taizé Service.  At   St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Newport, an ecumenical Community Lenten   Taizé Service will provide a quiet, contemplative setting for reflection on   those who endure bullying in our schools and communities. This service will   include candlelight, singing of simple Taizé prayer-chants, scripture and   poetry readings. Refreshments will be served afterwards and participants are   invited to attend the 700 pm Oregon Central Coast PFLAG meeting at the same   location.

Wednesday, March 14, 7:00 pm.  OCC PFLAG:     Oregon Central Coast PFLAG (Parents, Family & Friends of Lesbians   and Gays) holds its monthly meetings at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of   each month, at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, 9th & Hurbert   Streets, Newport. Their website is at    This is the second of two meetings focused on LGBT in Native American   communities.

Sunday, March 18, 12:00 noonMonthly   Fellowship Lunch.  For March, our monthly fellowship lunch will be a   potluck held at the Visual Arts Center immediately following our weekly   fellowship meeting.  The Fellowship will furnish the main dish, you   bring a salad, side dish, or dessert.

Sunday, April 1, 12:00 noon, CCUUF Board   Meeting immediately following Fellowship.

Sunday, April 8, 10:15 am.  Second   Sunday Book Exchange.

Sunday,    May 13, 10:15 am.  Second Sunday Book Exchange.

Sunday, May 20, 12:00 noonMonthly   Fellowship Lunch.  Location still to be determined.

Sunday, June 3, 10:15 am.  Final Fellowship regular meeting   of the season.  The fellowship breaks for summer and will begin again on   the Sunday following Labor Day.

Our Mailing Address,    Website, Newsletter, & Donations:  Checks may be made out to CCUUF and placed in our   donation box or mailed to:  Richard Fetrow, CCUUF Treasurer, P.O. Box   111, Newport, Oregon 97365.  Receipts will be issued upon request or at   the end of the year.  Our website is at    To contribute activities or announcements to the Newsletter or to add or   remove people from emailing list, please contact

Suggestions for speakers?  Please contact Debbie Dypold (541-574-9004) with   any suggestions you might have for speakers during the coming year.

We are a Welcoming Congregation.  All are equally   welcome regardless of race, background, gender, or sexual orientation.




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