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May 2012 Newsletter




A   welcoming and liberal spiritual community in Lincoln County, Oregon since   1984 .

Sundays  10:15 a.m.–12:00 noon

Visual Arts Center, 2nd Floor, Nye Beach   Turnaround,

777   Northwest Beach Drive, Newport,   Oregon



Presentations   for May 2012

 Sunday, May 6,   10:15 am. Fellowship Presentation.  ­­­­­Before the Last Bell Rings, a mystery   novel centered in a gang riddled school is based on  Suzy Nelson’s own   experiences from 1985 -2000. What’s fact? What’s fiction?   We’re a   lay led fellowship using presentation and discussion to explore our   world.                                                                                                   

Sunday,   May 13, 10:15 am. Fellowship Presentation.  “From May   Day to Memorial Day”  Dr Ruth Miller shares the ancient roots of   the many May holidays.  Miller, Director of the Portal Center for the   Unification of Psyche, Science, and Spirit explores the hidden histories with   our lay led fellowship.

Sunday, May 20, 10:15 am.   Fellowship Presentation.  Debra Fant will present “Tibet: Gifts   to the World of Unity”.  This includes photos taken in Tibet in   2006 and Dharamsala, India in 2008, of people, places, and life ways, and   discussion about Tibetan Buddhism and the impact of the Tibetan Diaspora on   the western world, and experience a Tibetan Buddhist process for responding   to current events with consciousness. 

Sunday, May 27, 10:15 am.   Fellowship Presentation.  “Dollar Power: The Impact of Buying   Local”  Sometimes we wonder if our actions really have any real   impact on changing our world for the better.   Doubt no longer come   and explore the powerful idea of the buck starts and stops here.    Speaker coming to us through the office of  Guy Faust, Coordinator,   OCCCC  for Small Business Development. More detail to be announced soon.  

 Sunday, June 3,   10:15 am.  Final Fellowship regular meeting of the season.     “Ending   on a Good Note”  Sharing your music, either live or canned as we go   off for the summer.     The   fellowship regular weekly meetings break for summer and will begin again on   the Sunday following Labor Day.


 Additional Activities and Notes

Sunday,   May 6, 12:00 noon.   CCUUF Board Meeting immediately following Fellowship.

Sunday,  May 13, 10:15 am.    Second Sunday Book Exchange. Have a book you no   longer need but think others might want? Bring it to give to others in the   fellowship. We have a “book exchange” at the fellowship on   the Second Sunday of each month. Any books that you have that you wish to   give away to others in the fellowship to read, bring the second Sunday.   Maximum of five books per person.

Sunday, May 20, 12:00 noonMonthly   Fellowship Lunch.  Location still to be determined.

Wednesdays. 6:00 pm.  Benefaction Zen (Meditation)   Community.   Zen meditation is held weekly at 6:00 pm at the   Yurt on SE John Nye Rd.  Silent sitting and walking meditation with   chants, reading/talk about practice, and optional bowing practice.    Free, but donations will be accepted to cover expenses.  For further   information call Jean Fredrickson 541-875-4488 home, 503-899-7517 cell.

Our Mailing Address,    Website, Newsletter, & Donations:  Checks may be made out to CCUUF and placed in our   donation box or mailed to:  Richard Fetrow, CCUUF Treasurer, P.O. Box   111, Newport, Oregon 97365.  Receipts will be issued upon request or at   the end of the year.  Our website is at    To contribute activities or announcements to the Newsletter or to add or   remove people from emailing list, please contact

Suggestions for speakers?  Please contact Debbie Dypold (541-574-9004) with   any suggestions you might have for speakers during the coming year. 

We are a Welcoming Congregation.  All are equally   welcome regardless of race, background, gender, or sexual orientation.




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